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Concept Development/Exploration Process

A brief process designed to clarify who we are talking to, what behavioural change we seek to create with this video, what information and emotions will create this change, and what length it needs to be. 


Script Development

Following the exploration process we know what to say, how to say it and how much time we have.  Your team or ours can develop the first draft and then we collaborate on up to 8 drafts before we enter the storyboard phase. 


Story Boarding

In this phase we present you multiple illustration styles to choose from, and with your input either use that style or develop something to match your feedback.  We develop original art for every video, no libraries of images or clipart.  You will never see your characters in another company or competitors video.  The storyboard is your images exactly as they will appear in the video accompanied by a description of the action and the accompanying section of narration. 



We source talent from far and wide offering you a wide selection.  With your directions on what you want in a narrator we cast the right voice for your brand and message.  Trimming down the audition to your best 3 options to choose from. 


You already know what will be said, how it will sound and exactly what the images will look like, so now we just make the video.


At this point we make revisions, changes to timing and tweaks to the video.

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