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Concept Development/Exploration Process

Our Foundation Building Process is often lauded for cutting to what specific behaviour/belief we need to create, and how we will inspire it, down to the emotions, beliefs and information we need to convey within the video.  This is a 60 minute call, from which we deliver a two page Foundation Report.


Script Development

Following Foundation building we will know what to say, how to say it and how much time we have.  Your team or ours can develop the first draft and then we collaborate on up to 4 drafts before we enter the storyboard phase. 


Story Boarding

You are offered multiple illustration styles to choose from or craft you a unique style based on your messages needs.  We develop original art for every video, no libraries of images or clipart.  You will never see your characters in another company or competitors video.  The storyboard is your images exactly as they will appear in the video accompanied by a description of the action and the accompanying section of narration. 



Based on your input we source talent from far and wide offering you the best 3 options in the casting call to choose from.


You already know what will be said, how it will sound and exactly what the images will look like, so now we just make the video.


At this point we make revisions, changes to timing and tweaks to the video.

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