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If you are new to the concept of psychological biases and work in the marketing world you should definitely look into it, but even if you are unfamiliar with the term you are likely very familiar with the concept.  People experience the world subjectively, filtering their experience through their values, and if you build your brand around the correct values your brand will taste delicious to the right crowd.  Some of the studies in this field are pretty famous, like Fredrich Brochet and Hlike Plassman wine perception studies linking taste experience to price.  In blind tests both researchers found that participants would claim to enjoy wines with a higher price tag even when both samples were the same wine.   The higher the price tag the more value we perceive.  

 It gets a bit more interesting with the research of psychologist Michael W. Alan which suggests the consumers values dictate or at least influence our experience of products.  In a blind taste test regardless of what they drank participants who identified with values associated with Pepsi's brand preferred what they tasted out of the container marked as Pepsi.  They then set-up a similar experiment where they gave taste tests of vegetarian and meat sausage rolls to participants sometimes having them both meat or both vegetarian.  What they found is that people who believe in social order preferred the option labeled meat even if both were vegetarian.  

Brand crafting is a huge responsibility.  We can make computers taste like freedom, suits taste like power, or shoes taste like social responsibility.  The trick is not in devising a great flavour, but the right flavour for your target demographic.  Make sure your brands appeal to the right pallet.

How does your brand taste: Marketing to the Psychological bias

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