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Every tool has it's purpose.  You wouldn't use a hammer to drive a screw, nor would you use a butter knife to serve soup.  A skilled craftsman knows which tools will achieve the best results, and when to combine tools for greater effect.  Let's talk tools.


Whiteboard Animation: Is strong in appealing to the mind, explaining ideas and processes.


Neuroimaging has shown that the same areas of the brain light up in subjects who are drawing as those watching an illustration being drawn. By writing your important messages in time with the narrators speech, you broadly appeal to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. Creating broader appeal and greater understanding in shorter time than other mediums. Whiteboard animation can also approach the illustrations in a very different manner than the voice over, allowing the viewer to see other dimensions of the idea discussed.

Live Video: Strong in making emotional connections between your viewer and the people on screen, or displaying accurate depictions of places, objects, people.

Live video excels at showing the viewer a slice of life, like a mother holding a baby, the beautiful scenery of Newfoundland, or what your product looks like in use. In these cases an illustrated depiction or animated character may not best serve your purpose.

Sometimes you don't have to choose one or the other though,

We adapt our approach according to your messages needs. This can mean producing in other animated styles as well as integrating live video, and animation and whiteboard animation, as in the videos below.

We love to help people discover which tool will work best, feel free to contact us to chat about your message and the tools you can use to best deliver it.


Live Video vs Whiteboard Animation

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