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Motion Graphics vs Whiteboard Animation

Motion graphics and Whiteboard animation are look different but have similar strengths. It may seem like splitting hairs to go over the minutia so lets stick to the big differences.


Motion graphics engage the viewer through motion and design. The strength here is flash.

Whiteboard Animation engage through design but they also engage by creating an unparralleled sense of being directly engaged with by maker of the video. Done properly, it feels as if the information is being presented TO you, not AT you, as though the narrator is talking to you and drawing it out for you. This feeling feeling of intimacy is diminished somewhat with an automated hand movement of a still hand.


In a motion graphic the primary driver of action is unseen. Motion can be created or instigated in anyway the creator wants, there are no rules.

In whiteboard Animation the primary driver of action is the hand, in our case not just drawing but in manipulating and encouraging motion in lots of ways. We don't allow ourselves to be confined to hand driven movement though, we also include motion graphic style movement to our videos. There is no sense in limiting a video to one or the other.


They look and feel different. If you like one over the other keep that in mind.


At the low and mid range pricing whiteboard Animation tends to be slightly less expensive. The budgets are pretty close at the mid-range of work. Once you get to the high end of each Motion Graphics are far more expensive.

The decision is yours. If you are looking for Motion Graphics take a look at our partner company

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